The Grape Pop


Now I’m using this pic since I couldn’t find a pic of the old glass pop bottles they used to have when I was a kid and you could get a deposit back at the store when you’d return the bottles. I always liked walking up with some bottles to the store a couple of blocks away since I could usually get a candy bar or two.

One summer, there were around three or four empty pop bottles on the floor by the fridge, no caps on them and I decided I’d take them up to the store. The one, a grape Crush bottle, appeared to have a mouthful of pop in the bottom, keep in mind I was around eight years old, I tipped the bottle up to my mouth to get the last mouthful of pop and all of a sudden I felt things crawling in my mouth…It was ants, I had a mouthful of moving ants! Luckily I was standing right beside the sink and spat them out, oh it was so gross! Needless to say, I’ve never gone for the last mouthful of anything in an uncapped bottle again!

The Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts


Another of the funny stories I can think of about food, when I was a little girl, my mom and her parents and I went to Hawaii. As many people know, the delicious macadamia nuts are grown there and are widely available, as are the chocolate covered ones. So we’d gotten a box of these chocolate covered macadamia nuts and brought them back up to the hotel room to share and enjoy.

We didn’t eat the whole box in one sitting of course, so put them in the drawer under the telephone where the phone book and bible was that was between the two beds. The next day I went to have a few of the chocolates and decided not to eat any when I saw ants crawling on them. How ants could get there on a not ground floor room and in a drawer, I will never know, so I just put the lid back on the box and closed the drawer. I mentioned it to my mom and she just left them there. A while later we laughed when we came back in the room and saw my grandfather eating the chocolates, seemingly unaware they had some ants crawling on them. LOL, we teased him for years after that about it.