About Me


Hi, and thanks for stopping by my little cooking blog. I’ve wanted to do one for years, but just never had the time it seemed to do it. Time is still in short supply for me, as I run my own business.

I’ve been in adult entertainment for several years and my voice is well known online for my erotic recordings, voice over work, erotic short stories and several adult websites that I own and run.

Long before I ever got into the adult industry, practically my whole life, I’ve had an interest in cooking and baking. From the time I was a small child, I always wanted to cook and bake. Many people assumed in my teens I’d be going into catering, as I excelled at the culinary arts.

When I was growing up, my mom and I would tape the PBS Saturday morning cooking shows and then watch them later that day. Shows like The Frugal Gourmet, The French Chef, and so many others. There were around six shows or so, a half hour each and we’d love to watch them. Often at Christmastime, they’d have specials on, and I still have many on VHS tape I’d tape to enjoy over and over.

When Martha Stewart came on the scene, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven! She was the embodiment of class, skill and did everything perfectly. There was someone to emulate and aspire to be like for domestic situations like cooking, entertaining, gardening and decorating.

When I was eighteen, my mother threw a large Christmas party for nearly thirty people, and I did the food for all of it, that was one of my crowning achievements. Her boss actually knew a restaurant owner he wanted to introduce me to, but it was out of town and as I didn’t drive, I had no way to get to such a location, and honestly as much as I enjoyed cooking and baking, I wouldn’t want to be standing that long on a regular basis. I do not know how people stand all day at some jobs, my hat’s off to them.

When I was a child in elementary school, I’d often bring home friends for lunch or after school and cook. I’m pretty well self taught, my mom cooked a bit and was good at it, but she didn’t enjoy it much, so seldom did. My grandmother did most of the cooking in our family, but I’m sad to say she was not a good cook and we ate out a lot when I was a child. Her idea of a good meal was browning some ground beef, pouring a can of tomato soup over it, making some mashed potatoes and perhaps a canned or frozen vegetable.

We had many cook books, though they were seldom used, and I used to pour over them and try many of the recipes. Some favorite ones I’ve made so many times I know them by heart and don’t even need to get the books out. My favorite was an old Betty Crocker book I still use to this day that was my mother’s.

I will say, buying a dishwasher was one of the best purchases I ever made, cleaning up after cooking was not fun and I used to let my grandmother do the dishes and she never seemed to mind. I wouldn’t be without a dishwasher now, ever.

I’m not claiming to eat the healthiest, I enjoy food and like to eat what I like. Perhaps no one will care much for hearing about my favorite foods and recipes, but I’ve wanted to try a food blog for a while now, so I will see.

Bon Appetite,


This book is the exact edition I still to this day use and that I taught myself to cook with, my mom’s old Betty Crocker book. I didn’t take this pic, but when I looked online under old editions of that cook book, there it was, the familiar book I know so well that’s on my kitchen table right this very minute, with decades of tiny food splatters on it.