Every Dish Can’t Be Perfect


While I am a good cook and an even better baker, two things I’ve never had a talent for making are bread and candy. They both seem to require a certain style, timing and finesse. Some people excel in some areas of the culinary arts and not others for some reason.

I’ve heard cooks on t.v. cooking shows say similar things, Rachael Ray says some are either cooks or bakers. Given the choice, I do prefer baking to cooking, but do both well, baking more so though.


I tried once, and only once, to make bread with yeast. It turned out like a brick! I followed the instructions, yet somehow, it just didn’t work. Perhaps I should have tried more than once before giving up on the bread. It was a lot of work, kneading, rising, more kneading, resting, all for a brick like object that didn’t resemble bread. It didn’t taste horrible, but was as heavy as said brick.

Candy making seems to also require a certain touch, precise temperatures, a thermometer. I have tried to make fudge many fudgetimes, and a few times it turned out well, most of the times however it was gritty, not the goal. Lots of whipping, beating, tiring on the arms, all for a gritty brick.

So those are two areas I stay away from, and just buy bread and candy rather than attempt to make them myself. I guess given enough attempts and experimentation, I suppose I could master them both, but simply haven’t the desire.