Perrier VS Pellegrino Sparkling Water


I have been a lifelong fan of Perrier sparkling water. Love it with a quarter of a lemon wedge squeezed into it. I’ve tried store brand sparkling waters and club soda, but nothing can beat Perrier in my books.

A sale at the grocery store got the better of me and I thought, how different can sparkling water be from brand to brand? I went whole hog as well, and bought a case of twelve bottles of the Pellegrino, which I’d never tasted before. What a sad awakening I was in for. The first mouthful and I knew I didn’t like it and had a whole case to wade my way through. I couldn’t believe the difference in them.

I felt less fizz first of all, I LOVE carbonation, I think everything tastes better carbonated, the fizzier the better. Pellegrino is nowhere near as fizzy, and just tastes “off.” I immediately looked online and saw others reported this as well, and the off taste, it’s slightly salty, higher sodium in it. Both waters are owned by Nestle. How I will make my way through a case of this nearly fizzless, salty swill, I do not know. I am not impressed. The store brand club soda would surely be better than this.

The label is nice and old fashioned looking, a good looking bottle, but I also don’t like the weird rubber rimmed cap on the Pellegrino either. Perrier wins hands down. I’m sure Pellegrino has its fans, we all like different things, but as God as my witness, I will never buy another bottle of it again as long as I live. I’ve managed to drink one bottle, gave one to my mom, only ten more to go before I can get more Perrier again.