The Chicken Bones

I thought some funny food stories would be amusing to include as well, don’t all of us have funny stories about food?


Many years ago I was into making soup, I’ve gone through various phases of being into preparing certain kinds of foods for a while, then moved on to other things.

I had gotten a couple of very large stock pots, I don’t know how much they hold exactly, around five gallons I think. My grandmother would complain when I’d use them about the amount of steam they’d put off. Water would be running down the insides of the window panes, the kitchen was like a steam bath as they went on at a full, rolling boil for hour after hour. It was a nice soup I’d make, not from a recipe, just what I thought was a good mix of things. I’d usually have a whole bag of dried beans I’d soak the day before, make chicken stock from scratch out of necks and backs, some celery, potatoes, carrots, onions, add a large can of tomato juice to the stock, a vegetable bean soup, was very good and froze very well.

One time when my grandmother’s sister was out of town, my mom offered to house sit for her and go up a couple of times a day to turn the lights on, bring in the mail and newspapers, etc to make it look like someone was there. We figured with the house empty, why not go up there and make the soup, since then my grandmother wouldn’t complain about all the steam in our kitchen at home? So I pre cut up all the vegetable, pre soaked the beans etc. and my mom dropped me and all the bags off and she was going to come back some hours later and I could freeze most of the soup in my great aunt’s freezer in all the washed out empty cottage cheese containers et. and then take it back to our house all ready finished and frozen in the containers.

So I made the stock, made the soup, put it in the containers and filled up her freezer, cleaned up and then once they were frozen, took all the containers back home. All went well. My mom however forgot garbage day, and the chicken necks and backs I’d used for the stock sat in the garbage container under the sink. The next garbage day she forgot as well. She continued to go up change the lights, collect the mail, but as she couldn’t see any garbage, she forgot about it again.

My grandmother once in a while would go up to do this as well and she came home and said when she was in the kitchen there was some awful, weird smell and she didn’t know where it was coming from, I laughed to myself and thought I bet it was the chicken bones my mom kept forgetting to put out on garbage day, but of course didn’t mention this to my grandmother as she’d have been mad we used her sister’s kitchen this way.

We only have garbage pick up once a week in my city, and yet again, my mom forgot it. The chicken bones from the stock were getting pretty pungent at this point, and then one night my mom came in after work with this ridiculous look on her face and laughing and I asked what was so funny and she said she’d finally disposed of the chicken bones. I asked where, since it wasn’t garbage day in that part of town. She said she took the bag and drove it to the cemetery! LOL. She said yes, they had drums in there for garbage and it was the first thing she thought of. Odd thing to think of if you ask me, and lord knows what wild animals would have gotten into it, but the chicken bones finally got laid to rest. Odd story, I realize!